Choosing an Office Chair

If you are one of the many people that sit in an office all day doing your job, you will want to ensure that the chair you sit on is ergonomically good. Ergonomics is the science that deals with body posture and so if you do not have a chair which is ergonomically good, you could suffer from back pains from too much sitting down. When choosing an office chair, you may want to go to a website like which has reviews for many of the different office chairs available today. Obviously no two people are exactly the same and so most chairs that are ergonomically good, will have several adjustable features so that you can adjust the chair for your needs and comfort. Some of the adjustable features you may find on a good office chair are:

Seat Height – Although the ideal height adjustments for people between the heights of 5’0″ tall to 6’4″ is a range from 15″ – 22″, not all the chairs will offer this range and so if they don’t then ask for one that does. Many of the better chairs can be ordered with the correct height adjustments needed.

Seat Depth – The depth of the seat should be such that when sat fully back, making the most of the back rest, two fingers can fit between the pan of the seat and the back of the knees.

• Tilt Mechanism – This is a feature that should allow both the back and the seat to be tilted back together. The back will usually tilt more than the seat, perhaps by 2 degrees whilst the seat only moves 1 degree. With this type of feature the seat should be padded to avoid it pressing into the thighs when tilted.

• Backrest Height – Ideally a backrest should give adequate support to the lumbar section of your back.

Armrests – The better office chairs should also have a feature that alters the height of the armrests, if it has them. Armrests should be low enough to ensure that they do not interfere with elbow movements whilst working. Instead of adjustable armrests, many office chairs may have armrests that hinge out of the way for when you are working.

Headrest – If the chair you wish to choose has a headrest that headrest should also be adjustable in order to offer the nest support to your neck.

Even though you may spend most of your day sat at a desk, if you have a chair which is good ergonomically, you should not suffer any discomforts or back pains. If your chair is not ergonomic though, not only could you suffer minor back pains today but over time those pains could become worse and possibly severely damage your health in your old age. Although many people are given a chair for them to work on, it is possible that their boss may allow them to buy their own chair and if that is the case, for the sake of their health, they should give that option some serious thought.