Disadvantages of Not Using a Pond Aerator

Do you own a pond? It is important to note that regardless of the size of the pond that you own, you will need to maintain it well day in and day out. The fish cannot thrive well and survive if they do not have a healthy living condition in the pond. That is why you have to make sure that the pond provides a healthy environment for them. Hence, pond management professionals, pond hobbyists and pond owners make it a point to advice new pond owners and those who plan to own a pond in the future to purchase pond aerators that are suitable for their ponds so that they can expect their ponds to last for a long time. Pond aerators are quite essential for your pond’s health as they say. That explains why a pond without an aerator cannot be expected to last long.

What can really happen when a pond lacks an aerator? The truth is there are many unpleasant things that can happen to your pond when you neglect to use a pond aerator for your pond. The thing is a pond aerator becomes quite indispensable in any pond because of what it can do with the oxygen that the fish basically need to grow and survive, so if you do not consider using an aerator for your pond, you are actually putting not only the system of your pond but also the condition of the fish at risk. If your pond does not have a pond aerator, the fish cannot get the adequate amounts of oxygen that they normally need to survive. Also, due to the insufficient amounts of oxygen in the pond, the pond becomes a very unhealthy place for the fish to live. In addition to this, the organisms which the fish prey on are also affected. Once these organisms die due to insufficient amounts of oxygen, the fish will be left with little or no natural food to eat in the pond anymore.

You should know however that the disadvantage of not using a pond aerator is not only limited on insufficient amounts of oxygen. Poor quality of water is another common disadvantage. Without a pond aerator, you will need to spend money on pond treatments to get rid of carbon dioxide, thereby improving the quality of water. Another problem that you have to deal with when you do not use an aerator for your pond is the presence of unwanted phosphorus, which supports algae growth. The truth is phosphorus can only be removed with the use of aeration. If aeration is not applied, the presence of phosphorus in your pond will continue to encourage the growth of algae, which is quite detrimental to the health of the fish. Finally, if pond aeration is not applied, foul odor, accumulation of bacteria and mosquitoes are other problems that cannot be addressed and can eventually deteriorate the quality and condition of your pond.