Learning about Mattresses

If you are thinking about buying a new mattress, because of the high cost of some of them, it is perhaps best to learn about the different types of mattress which are available before you actually buy one. Although there are many different brands of mattresses, all of them are similar in their composition and so offer similar levels of comfort. How much comfort a mattress provides though very much depends on the type of mattress you decide to buy and so that is why they are worth learning about before you actually go to the shops to buy one.

Although they are still available in some shops, most of the old style box spring mattresses have disappeared from the shops and have been replaced by mattresses made from foam of one type or another. First there were the regular foam mattresses which were reasonably cheap and yet comfortable. After laying on one of these mattresses for a couple of years or so though, they would become misshapen and uncomfortable, meaning that unless you want to start suffering from back pain, you would have to buy a new one.

The need for an early replacement for a foam mattress prompted the manufacturers to look for more durable foam from which they could make their mattresses and it was thanks to the space industry that they found memory foam. Memory foam gets its name due to it having a memory of sorts. The memory is able to allow the mattress to return to its original shape after having been laid on and so would not become so quickly misshapen and need changing.

It was soon found though that whilst these memory foam mattresses did provide comfort and could return to their original shape, they could also cause build-up of heat in area which was laid on. This build-up of heat could cause sleepers restless nights especially in the summer or in the warmer climates. In order to solve this problem with heat build-up, the manufacturers found that if they introduced a gel into the memory foam, the gel could ensure the heat was more evenly distributed.

In their search for still better mattresses the mattress manufacturers have now developed yet another new type of foam mattress which is now available in most stores. This mattress is referred to as the all foam mattress and it uses a combination of different types of foam to try and ensure the ultimate in comfortable sleeping. The all foam mattress has in all four layers of different foam and the bottom of these layers, the thickest layer, is made from semi-solid foam which offers the mattress support. A second level is made from softer, regular foam which provides the mattress with the opportunity to offer a comfortable night’s sleep. The forth layer consists of memory foam so that the mattress will not lose its shape and the last, top layer is made from memory foam with gel to ensure the sleeper stays cool.