Proper Maintenance Of Garage Doors

One of the biggest parts of your home that moves is your garage door. Many might be used to seeing it and thinking that it is perfectly safe but it can also be quite dangerous if it malfunctions. To help make sure of your safety and ease of use, you have to properly maintain your garage door.

Having a routine maintenance can bring positive results to the lifespan of your garage door. You have to check and test your garage door regularly every month to make sure that every part of it is working properly. Take a look at your door opener, cables, pulleys, rollers and springs. If there are any signs of wear, you should replace them even before they break down to avoid any accidents. It is also advised that you make sure that your door is properly lubricated and balanced. Each of the garage doors comes with their own instruction manual on how to test or asses your garage door and you should be able to follow it without any problem. When checking your garage door, here are some of the things that you should do.

Balance – Checking for equilibrium is something that you should do often to make sure that your garage door opens and closes smoothly. It is one of the first things that you should test when you perform maintenance tests on your garage door. You can do this by starting with a closed garage door. Now, you need to release the handle so that manual operation of the garage door will be activated. You can now lift the door manually. Lift it off the ground for about 3 to 4 feet and check if your garage door recognizes it as open. If not, then there might be a problem in your door’s balance. A technician can help in the adjustments and should be easily able to balance the door for you.

Lubrication – The next thing you should do is to make sure that your door is properly lubricated. There are parts of your door that would work better if they are lubricated and these include the rollers, hinges, chains, springs, and bearings. You can use engine oil as a lubricant and you don’t need to much. Just a drop of it on the rollers will spread it onto the bearings as you move the garage door. The hinges and springs are to be lightly lubricated too but instead of the engine oil, it is advised to get lighter oil or a silicone lubricant for these parts.

Tracks And Springs – The first thing that you have to do is take a look at the door’s hardware, tracks as well as the springs. Even if you make use of the recommended garage door springs, they are still bound to deteriorate in time. Checking them monthly will help you to determine if they are already starting to worn out. If they are, it would be better to replace them. When replacing your springs, you should call an expert because these springs are under high tension and can cause injury to you especially if you don’t know how to work with it.