Using Solar Panel Systems, conserving water, following the three R’s and other things one can do to help save Mother Earth

If you live in a mansion in an upscale neighborhood where you have your own swimming pool, Jacuzzi, not only a walk in closet but a room full of clothes, shoes, watches, bags and other accessories, a kitchen with the state of the art appliances from a 6 burner stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, oven, coffee or espresso machine, wine chiller complete with all the kitchen tools, utensils and equipment, an theatre with a flat screen LED television as big as one side of your wall complete with a surround sound system and movie seats, a game room with a billiard table and other arcade games, a grand living room with a piano, a 10 car garage, etc. then you are one lucky person. You may possibly be part of the top 10% of the over all population who has millions of dollars and lives very comfortably. You may be running a successful line of companies, won the lottery, inherited a big amount from your parents or has even created a very saleable product.

You have to be very thankful to be living such a life because in some nations, people have problems getting hold of their basic needs such as food, water, clothing and a comfortable shelter. Even if you are in that level of success, you must never forget one of your social responsibilities, which is to take part and do your share in helping conserve our natural resources and prevent the abuse of Mother Earth.People are not aware of the fact that the things we have and use contributes to different environmental problems. The simple act of wasting papers, throwing your trash wherever you want, driving your car all the time, burning trash and using other products damages our surroundings. We may not see it with our very own eyes but it has an effect. Millions of trees are cut everyday to provide paper, raw materials in building homes and other structures as well as create other products like desks, chairs, shelves, drawers, bed frames, floorings, etc.

Throwing trash even as small as a candy wrapper slowly piles up and goes to drainages, which slowly result to floods, the ocean that kills millions of sea creatures, and other places. It will take thousands of years before it can finally become part of the ecosystem. Driving around town using your vehicle adds up not only to pollution but the noise in our surroundings. The use of gas and other products to make our vehicles work emits harmful items to our environment that in return as scientists would say is one of the reasons why we experience various calamities in different parts worldwide. So do your share and start help saving the environment today. Practice doing the three R’s which are reuse, reduce and recycle, conserve water, find other sources of energy such as installing Solar Panel Systems, try walking and other earth friendly modes of transportation and take extra care of the things that has raw materials which comes from nature. It is never too late so start today.